Shadowrun Returns DLC delayed, is becoming full-length expansion

What was once just DLC is now becoming a full-fledged expansion. Due to fan feedback, Harebrained Schemes announced that Shadowrun Returns' first DLC add-on campaign is being delayed and built out into a full-length expansion. The Berlin expansion is being targeted for a January 2014 release.

Harebrained Schemes is in pre-production on Berlin. The campaign is will obviously take place in a European city, which should provide a different feel to the game. Harebrained is also designing the campaign to have a story with more options for players and improved gameplay for the Physical Adept archetype. 

Harebrained Schemes said, "After listening to your forum discussions and feedback, it became clear that you would like to see something bigger (and so would we). So, we've decided to spend more time on Berlin to create and experience closer to the size of Dead Man's Switch," which is the game's existing campaign.

Shadowrun Returns, ​which you can read our full review of HERE, released late last month on PC and Mac. In addition to working on Berlin, the studio is also developing tablet and Linux versions of Shadowrun Returns

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