Shadowgate’s update adds new features and Halloween goodies

Quick loading pumpkins

If you thought a point and click, puzzle, RPG couldn’t get a massive update including over 10 new desired features, think again! Shadowgate brings it. Do you want an easier experience, harder experience, just better hints? All featured. How about a wheel-icon based system for easier interactions with items and environment? More achievements? Yup! On top of that, why not add a temporary Halloween quest? You betcha.

For a full list of new features, have your eyes gander below a moment:

  • Alternate Command System: In addition to the Classic/Retro command system, a new wheel icon-based system has been added. Immersive (Hide UI) mode, keybinds and locking are still available in this mode.
  • Brand New Halloween Themed Side-Quest: The ‘Dread Pumpkin Quest’ sends gamers on a mysterious and festive quest to find and release a terrifying spirit.
  • Casual Game Mode: Perfect for those unfamiliar with the Shadowgate universe, this game mode is very forgiving, offers unlimited torch life, and generally keeps the Grim Reaper at bay.
  • Ironman Mode: Made for the true hardcore Shadowgate player; in this mode, saved games are disabled, requiring players to complete their grand adventure in one sitting.
  • Tutorials and Hints Changes: The tutorials and hint text have been overhauled to be even more helpful.
  • Show All Objects: For those who want a bit of help, this key bind highlights all objects in a room.
  • Retro Graphics Option: A pixelated filter has been added for those who wish to play the game in retro graphics mode. This fun extra is easily turned on and off in the settings or via a keybind.
  • Quick Load Option: This additional keybind is for quick loading a saved game.
  • UI Elements: The UI elements are adjusted in size to offer more visibility of each area. Also, the Load/Save dialogues have been relocated for ease of use.
  • Additional Achievements: 10 new achievements that include Gotta Catch Them All, Ironman, Seven Angry Dwarven Miners, Signal the Castle, Book Collector, Pyromaniac and Pumpkin Hunter.
  • Adjustments to “USE” command: The USE command now requires only one click to work on stationary objects like levers.
  • Destroyable Objects: Key objects cannot be destroyed in easier difficulty settings.
  • Settings screens: Added a third volume slider for cut scenes, revamped the options screen and added additional keybinds.
  • Misc.: Various improvements to puzzles, graphics and text.

If you’d rather watch a one minute video than read (I get ya), check out the video above. Enjoy!