Shadow Warrior remake gets a new PS4 trailer

In 1996 we saw Duke Nukem 3D. It was gory, funny and basically just over-the-top in every way.

A year after Duke Nukem 3D, we saw Shadow Warrior from the very same developers (3D Realms) It followed the Duke Nukem style of guns, blood, and fun — except with a katana too.

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital are bringing the katana and the wit back, with even more gore this time around.

There will be tons of Easter eggs, secrets, chopping people to bits, blood and more blood. The protagonist Lo-Wang will be back with new powers, skills and weapon customizations.

This remake will be hitting the PlayStation 4 (sometime this Fall in 1080p/60FPS) with some special DualShock 4 controls. You'll be using the touchpad to execute killer combos and special moves. 

The trailer shows off a lot of blood, violence, one-liners and singing alone in a car. Check it out (it's probably already playing)!

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