Shadow of the Eternals campaign splits in two as it launches on Kickstarter

After a rather unsuccessful launch week, Precursor Games has moved crowdfunding efforts for its Eternal Darkness spiritual successor, Shadow of the Eternals, to Kickstarter. Now it has two separate sources of money rolling in for the game.

Precursor was apparently unable to launch a Kickstarter before because the Ontario-based company lacked a U.S. or U.K. presence or bank account. It did not explain why circumstances have changed when it made the announcement on its website.

The original campaign, running on the official website, ends June 7. It's raised a little over $150,000. The Kickstarter, on the other hand, extends until June 19, and its target is only $1.35 million — a little less than the $1.5 million goal on the website.

Precursor has instituted some perks for those who already supported the campaign through its website: an exclusive digital collection called "Whateley Expose" and an extra forum badge. The developer has also beefed up the Magickal and Insane Supporter backer tiers at the $100 and $5,000 levels, respectively.

The company has removed one barrier to campaign completion, but at least two other big obstacles remain: the stingy list of platforms and the associations with Silicon Knights — although Precursor has tried to assuage concerns, though probably to little avail.

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