Serious Sam 3 shooting XBLA in the face now

Serious Sam 3: BFE has landed on Xbox Live Arcade. The game, which received some nice praise on PC, offers up over-the-top FPS action and plenty of crazy enemies to blast in the face. Yay!

For 1200 Microsoft Points you'll get the Serious Sam 3 campaign, which offers up single-player and co-op (split-screen and online) modes as well as leaderboards. There's also the Jewel of the Nile expansion and multiplayer content, which is bundled together for another 1200 Microsoft Points.

If you already downloaded the PC version of Serious Sam 3 when it launched last year and want to get in on the DLC mayhem, you can download Jewel of the Nile for $9.99 on Steam. As expected, the content is currently available for one dollar, because you need snack money!

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