SEGA Releases Playable Condemned 2: Bloodshot Demo on PlayStationNetwork

March 21, 2008

SEGA Releases Playable Condemned 2: Bloodshot
Demo on PlayStationNetwork

SEGA of America, Inc. has announced that a
playable demo for Condemned 2: Bloodshot, the next chapter in the terrifying
series, is now available for download on the PLAYSTATION Network.

The demo is taken from mid-way through the first
level and gives players an opportunity to get to grips with Ethan Thomas, the
former Serial Crimes Unit investigator, in his crusade to discover just what is
going on in the sinister world around him.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot follows Ethan Thomas, and
his inner demons, in a string of gruesome murders where players must use their
deductive skills and brute force to track down sadistic serial killers. The game
features all-new fighting mechanics and high-tech forensics tools, giving
players the resources they need to unravel the mysteries and cope with every
disturbing event. Developed by the renowned Monolith Productions, creators of
the original Condemned game, Condemned 2: Bloodshot also introduces a variety of
thrilling online multiplayer modes, delivering the most brutal hand-to-hand
combat experience the first-person genre has ever seen.

Now available on Xbox 360 and the PLAYSTATION 3,
Condemned 2: Bloodshot carries a suggested retail price of $59.95 and is rated
“M” for “Mature.” For more information, please visit: