SEGA Releases a Double Feature of Yuji Naka Creativity with Lets Tap and Lets Catch

June 16, 2009

SEGA Releases a Double Feature of
Yuji Naka Creativity with Let’s Tap and Let’s Catch

Innovative Wii Titles Hit Both
North American Store Shelves and the Nintendo Channel

SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA
Europe Ltd. today announces they have shipped LET’S TAP to retailers in North
America and has also made LET’S CATCH; Yuji Naka’s second title from his Prope
studio available for download from the Nintendo Channel store. Blazing new
ground in Nintendo Wii control design, LET’S TAP allows players to simply tap
their fingers to hours of fun. LET’S CATCH brings the time-honored game of catch
indoors along with creative new twists on the Nintendo Wii. Developed by Prope,
the studio that Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka established in 2006, LET’S
TAP and LET’S CATCH are the first two products from the new studio to launch in
North America.

Developed exclusively for Nintendo’s
Wii system, LET’S TAP utilizes a ground-breaking control scheme where the Wii
remote is placed on a box or flat surface so that it can detect minute
vibrations. Players of all ages and skill levels then tap the box or flat
surface to interact with the game; there’s no need to hold the controller. LET’S
TAP presents an assortment of different finger-tapping challenges for players to
master. In Tap Runner players use differing finger tapping pressure to make
simple stick figure racers run through an obstacle course. In Visualizer players
are allowed to create dazzling fireworks effects, dramatic paint strokes,
amongst other effect as they tap out different rhythm patterns that correspond
to different effects. Silent Blocks finds players taking turns removing blocks
from a large stack, tapping too hard will result in a collapsing stack of
blocks. Bubble Voyager allows players to fly through space, blasting obstacles
and enemies in order to reach the far stretches of the universe. And finally
Rhythm Tap allows players to time the taps of their fingers to high energy

In LET’S CATCH players will
experience a new twist on the game of catch in six different single and
multiplayer modes to play. Excelling through good timing and hand-eye
coordination, players will find themselves playing games that range from having
players pass a bomb to other players before it explodes, test players’ ability
to catch a fast ball, challenge players’ throwing accuracy and more.

“We’re excited to bring these two
titles from Prope to gamers in North America,” says Sean Ratcliffe, VP of
Marketing at SEGA of America. “The Wii platform has been a gateway to innovative
game development and these two titles present gameplay mechanics that are truly
one of a kind.”

developed at Prope Tokyo.