SEGA Launches a New Valkyria Chronicles Trailer

September 29, 2008

SEGA Launches a New Valkyria
Chronicles Trailer

SEGA has just released a new
gameplay trailer for their upcoming PS3 exclusive RPG, Valkyria Chronicles.
Check out the beautiful CANVAS engine and the BLiTZ battle system in action; as
you follow Welkin and Alicia in their fight against an invading army intent on
taking over their small country of Gallia.

Click here to download the new Valkyria Chronicles

Additionally, a playable demo will
launch with the 10/9 issue of QORE, the online magazine available on PLAYSTATION
3. After seeing all the trailers, you will now be able to experience first-hand
Valkyria Chronicles’ cinematic and stunning graphics and unique gameplay that
mixes the traditional RPG with that of an action shooter.