SEGA: Kinect Games Should Ditch Avatars

Xbox Live Avatars have become a major integrated feature in Kinect’s game portfolio. SEGA’s Satoshi Ito, Producer for Rise Of Nightmares, though, believes that Kinect should ditch the Avatar feature and move “ahead” with the technology in place.

Ito-san told

“There’s currently a lot of games where you have your Avatar on the screen, and you’re motion moves the Avatar on the screen. But the true sense of this platform will be better when you have a first person point of view – like [with Rise of Nightmares], when you’re playing this game, you don’t see an Avatar, you just see your perspective and your actions. That’s the sort of direction a lot game studios will be correcting.”

Ito-san added, “Yes, I think that’s the true strength of [Kinect]. It gives you a more immersive experience when it’s only you versus the screen, and there’s nothing in-between disrupting anything.”

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