Sega canceling games due to structural reform

Sega's going through some financial problems right now. The company that brought us Sonic is expecting to lose money, which may spell nothing but bad news for several franchises. Not cool if you're a big fan of the company's work.

Due to economic situations in North America and Europe, Sega Sammy Group has announced that the company is going to restructure in the near future. What exactly does this entail? A smaller budget and the possible canceling of several titles.

Some IPs will be safe, namely Sonic the Hedgehog, Aliens, Total War, and Football Manager. To be honest, I'm surprised that last one made it on the list. Sonic, Aliens, and Total War, however, do make a lot of sense.

It's scary to think that Sega's going through this rough financial patch. I'm a big fan of the older companies that first brought us great games. Here's hoping these folks can bounce back.