Seen all there is to see in Payday 2? Time to become infamous

If you've raked up a ton of cash, busted open countless vaults, and laid waste to thousands of security guards, you might be ready to become infamous.

In the latest and free DLC coming to Payday 2, players who have attained a level of 100 as well as $200,000,000 in their offshore account can choose to become infamous (read: Prestige) and get some sweet perks.

However, becoming infamous does put you back to level 1, takes away all your cash, as well as all your skill points, spent or unspent. You get to keep your unlocked arsenal, though it might be a while until you level up enough to use them.

So what's the benefit? You earn Infamy levels. Each time you become infamous, you gain an infamy skill point that you can use in the infamy skill tree. Though it wasn't revealed what these skills are, they'll probably be worth it, considering the amount of time you have to put into becoming infamous. There are also 14 levels of infamy you can attain, each one represented by a playing card, starting with the Joker and ending with an Ace.

The free update is available now!