See Tom Clancy’s The Division’s mobile companion gaming in action

At E3, Ubisoft gave us our first extensive look at Tom Clancy's The Division, a next-gen multiplayer third-person shooter. Stunning graphics and action-packed combat aside, one of the most intriguing aspects was that of a companion gaming app. In short, this is basically a way for Ubisoft to allow console/PC players to play alongside mobile users.

Using a smartphone or tablet, mobile users can participate in the action of The Division anytime and anywhere. Upon booting up the companion app, they'll join the team as a drone, an eye in the sky capable of assisting the console/PC players in real-time. Everything happening to the console players will be reflected in real-time on the companion app, and vice versa. Mobile users will utilize their own set of offensive or defensive weaponry to assist teammates.

I could talk more, but the trailer above really gives you a better look at the companion gaming app for Tom Clancy's The Division.