Section 8 Update Deployed on Xbox 360

November 23, 2009

Section 8 Update Deployed on Xbox 360

SouthPeak and TimeGate Studios’ Section 8™ on Xbox 360
received an update today to address player feedback from the first month of
play. Based on responses from players, TimeGate has improved everything from the
automatch system to how the tank controls work. Section 8’s massive multiplayer
battles are now even more intense and more rewarding than before.

Some of the improvements players will find include:

  • Tank controls have been tuned, making them more intuitive
    and responsive
  • The improved automatch system offers enhanced
    responsiveness when searching for a server
  • Bot AI has been improved. Bots will now follow and defend
    allies and will pursue retreating targets more aggressively
  • An improved stat tracking framework

The update is available now for Xbox 360 and also Games for
Windows LIVE. For more info on the game and a full list of what the update
offers please visit