Section 8 now in Open PC Beta

August 12, 2009

Section 8 Opens Up To Everyone

SouthPeak’s Sci-Fi FPS Hits Open
Beta on PC

SouthPeak Games announced today that
its upcoming sci-fi first person shooter, Section 8, is now in open beta. This
means anyone, anywhere, can download the latest beta build. Developed by
TimeGate Studios, Section 8 is burning-in to stores September 1, so this is a
great opportunity for gamers to get their powered armor suits on for a peek at
what promises to be the most intense shooter coming out this year.

The open beta will offer a look at
the multiplayer mode with one of the maps from the final game, as well as all
the weapons and a variety of vehicles, deployables, dynamic combat missions, and
equipment. Players will immediately get to experience custom loadouts and the
sensation of burning-in from 15,000 feet as they survey the battlefield.

Section 8 gives players the
opportunity to call their own shots as they battle in the farthest reaches of
the galaxy. With the ability to drop from the sky to anywhere on the
battlefield, customize your soldier’s equipment, and dynamically manipulate the
flow of combat with strategic asset deliveries, each soldier’s Section 8
experience will be completely different.

More information about the open beta
and sign-up details can be found at