Section 8 Demo Now Available On XBLM

August 21, 2009


Section 8 Demo Now Available On Xbox Live Marketplace


SouthPeak and TimeGate are giving console gamers a chance to
experience the upcoming sci-fi FPS Section 8 on the Xbox 360 more than a
week before it hits stores. Gamers will have access to one of the maps in
Multiplayer Mode with up to 16 other players* or offline in Instant Action
mode which offers competitive AI battles. While some deployables, vehicles,
equipment and DCMs will be limited, players will get a taste of what it is
like to burn-in from 15,000 ft, blast across the map in powered armor suits,
and totally customize their load-outs as they go into the fray.


Section 8 ships September 1, 2009. Visit
for more and to take part in the PC Open Beta.



* Final retail copies will support the X Server which will
allow for up to 32 player battles.