Secondhand Lands to be Published by Pixel Mine, Inc.

December 5, 2008

Secondhand Lands to be Published
by Pixel Mine, Inc.

Two independent Austin companies
team up to give Secondhand Lands a fairy-tale debut

Callipygian Games and Pixel Mine,
Inc. today announced that Pixel Mine will be publishing Secondhand Lands,
Callipygian Games’ upcoming MMORPG. The game, currently in closed Beta, is set
in a twisted fairy-tale world populated by furry-tailed adventurers such as
Sheep, Wolves, Catgirls, and Scrappers.

Announced in March of 2008,
Secondhand Lands sets itself apart with a unique skill advancement system,
player to player mounting, and over 120 handwritten quests. After stealing cable
for the gnomes, playing spin the bottle with the fairies, or taking some
scandalous footage for the “Bears Gone Wild” documentary, players can spend hard
earned points to train new skills or perfect those already known.

The two Austin-based companies have
been working closely for several months leading up to June 27 when they
announced that Callipygian would be utilizing the Pixel Mine Portal as a
distribution platform. “Using the innovative Pixel Mine portal technology for
Secondhand Lands has allowed my team to focus on making this game great,” says
Bobby Thurman, owner of Callipygian Games.

“Secondhand Lands is the kind of
game that turns heads,” says Pixel Mine President David Reese. “I think it has
the potential to be a ground-breaking game in the MMO genre. We want to help get
the word out about it to the gaming community.”