Sea monster eyeball washes up on Florida coast minutes away from GameZone’s office

Only weird things happen in Florida. If it's not reports of zombies eating people's faces in Miami, it's an eyeball of a giant squid being found on a beach in Pompano Beach, Florida. That's exactly what happened yesterday, when a man walking on the beach found a giant, mysterious eyeball washed ashore in South Florida, literally minutes away from GameZone's office.

The softball-sized eyeball was put on ice and was sent to the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida for analysis. While marina biologists couldn't identify which sea creature the eyeball belonged to, there are some ideas. Some think the eyeball is from a monster fish, a giant squid or a whale, but Carli Segelson, spokeswoman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said "The primary suspect right now is that it would be a large fish." What kind of large fish, you ask? It could be a swordfish, tuna, or some deep-water fish species.

If they can't figure it out, genetic testing would be done to solve this mystery surrounding the eyeball.

My theory is that the eyeball belongs to a species of sea monsters that, up until now, lay dormant on the ocean floor. Now they will rise to storm our beaches and destroy all life as we know it. Or, ya know, it could just belong to a giant fish.

To see more pictures of the eyeball, visit the commission's Flickr photo gallery.

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