SDCC 2017 Roundup: FOX has geeks in mind with the newest trailers for their fall line-up

Are you looking forward to 'Gotham', 'The Orville', and 'The Gifted'?

FOX has revealed the latest trailers for their upcoming shows from the world of Marvel, DC, and beyond.

With the San Diego Comic Con in full swing, fans are getting treated to some of the best of the business form both their favorite television series and movies. FOX has just released the newest trailers for their upcoming shows for the fall schedule focused on the world of X-Men, Batman, and Seth MacFarlane's newest show, 'The Orville'.

The Gifted (October 2nd)

The newest trailer for the X-Men-centric series showcased more of the classic mutant heroes we know form the comics and films. The new footage confirmed the members of the team that would be involved are Thunderbird, Polaris, and Blink. The series will center on sibling mutants on the run from the government, unsure if they can trust their father who works for the very organization looking to capture them for nefarious means.

Gotham (September 28th)

Despite a fluctuation in ratings last season, 'Gotham' will in fact be returning for a fourth season this fall. Last we left young Bruce Wayne, it seemed as though he was officially starting his arduous journey to meet his destiny as the legendary Caped Crusader. The new trailer gives fans a look at what that journey might look like in the coming years. Check it out here:

The Orville (September 10th)

Seth MacFarlane famously injects pop culture humor into everything he does. From 'Family Guy' to 'Ted', he let's fans know what he loves and exactly how much. Recently, fans were given the first taste of the creator's latest "nerd love" infused project, 'The Orville'. At the recent panel for the upcoming series, he debuted the latest trailer that gives us bit more insight as to how the Trek-spoof show will play out. Check it out here: