Screw Black Friday – Indie Game Music Albums Cheap All Weekend

Indie games have some of the most charming, remarkably retro music. Games like VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy have incredibly memorable music that really adds to the experience. So if you get the chance to support indie devs and snag some sweet tunes for cheap, I say, why the hell not?

The Indie Game Music Bundle was first announced yesterday as part of the whole Black Friday madness. For a donation of just $1, gamers got 10 amazing indie game soundtracks. A donation of $10 or more scored you a total of 17 soundtracks. Not shabby at all!

Of course, because it was billed as a Black Friday sale, it seemed as though it would only last throughout the day. Thankfully that's not the case. If you head on over to the Indie Music Bundle site, you'll see that the delicious offer has been extended through Monday, November 28.

If you love the music in games such as Minecraft, Cobalt, Return All Robots!, and more (like the two lovely gems listed at the beginning of this post), be sure to get your digital copies of these outstanding music collections. Whether you go for the $1 deal or the $10 offer, you'll be getting some kick-ass music and supporting the indie game industry. Act fast, because you've got until Monday, folks!