Scott Pilgrim and Wizorb developers announce new mercenary Kings Kickstarter project

The team behind Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game and Wizorb, two games that, by the way, are available on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network and evoke all kinds of 8-bit gaming memories (even though they're entirely new experiences), have announced their latest project, which they're tying into a new Kickstarter project.  Called Mercenary Kings, the game definitely draws some inspiration from the classic Metal Slug games, but, as expected, has that certain touch that sets it apart from the pack, including the ability to loot enemies, upgrade weapons and become a bigger (and better) bad-ass.

Tribute, the development team behind the project, are looking at a minimum of $75,000 for the project, but are hoping to raise over $200,000 for it, and with each milestone they reach, they intend to add even more content to the final game, including additional levels, bosses, color palettes and other bonus goodies.

Like any good Kickstarter project, the Mercenary Kings team is set to offer a vast number of rewards for donators, including digital copies of the game, t-shirts, exclusive weapons and the ability to even star in the game as a hostage, redrawn by animator Paul Robertson.

If funded, the project is estimated to arrive next year, during the month of May.  So far so good, as the team has already raised $15,000+ and has 29 days to go on the Kickstarter.  If you feel like taking part, follow this link and find out how you can take part.  It's certainly worth investing in, if just for the "doggie tank" alone.

Care to learn more about the game?  Or maybe you want to see what kind of chaos Mercenary Kings is capable of?  Check out the trailer below.  But be warned – there's lots of gun stuff.  But hey, that's what you want, right?