Scorched Earth Renekton now available in League of Legends

After month's of waiting on the PBE, the Scorched Earth Renekton skill is finally available in League of Legends for 975 RP.

Centuries imprisoned fed a fury in Scorched Earth Renekton that tooth and blade now feast on. Carving a smoldering path of vengeance, his volcanic weapon cleaves through flesh and bone alike. Scorched Earth Renekton’s rampage is only beginning and the flames of his revenge will swallow every tormentor.

Although many believe this is Riot's answer to Infernal Nasus, the Scorched Earth Renekton is just a continuation of Riot's "Scorched Earth" line of skins which is also seen on Xerath. Renekton's new skin is quite similar in design featuring forged armor and volcanic, fiery particle effects on his abilities.