Scarlet Nexus Story Trailer shows more of your supernatural team

Multiple playable characters confirmed

During the Tokyo Game Show 2020, Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for its action-adventure title Scarlet Nexus. In the new trailer, the story and characters are in the spotlight where we see more glimpses of the game’s setting. Check it out below!

The world of Scarlet Nexus is a dystopian one. But unlike other post-apocalyptic game settings, this one does not rely on real-life nuclear threats or the like. Instead, mysterious beings called “Others” are invading earth and are hell-bent on destroying it.

It’s up to Yuito and his band of extraordinarily gifted specialized soldiers to stop this scourge and save the earth. With the use of psychic abilities that range from telekinesis to teleportation, these gifted soldiers offer a myriad of gameplay mechanics.

Born to an elite family part of the country’s governing forces, Yuito grew up with the obsession of becoming a member of the OSF. Having had his life saved by one of its members, he always desired to follow in his footsteps. Both Kasane and Yuito will benefit from the support of party members, such as Gemma Garrison, Luka Travers or Tsugumi Nazar, in order to get rid of the Others threat.

The best comparison is probably a mix between Devil May Cry’s action-oriented fast-paced combat with Control’s supernatural themes. Well, some at least since Scarlet Nexus isn’t going for a realistic presentation at all. It’s much more akin to the hardcore anime-style seen in the company’s prior Code Vein.

As noted before, this isn’t a solo-experience and instead will require players to make good use of your team’s different psychic abilities to beat the overwhelming forces of the Others.

Scarlet Nexus doesn’t have a concrete release date with Bandai Namco merely promising gamers that it’ll be out before the end of next year. At least we know that it’s targeting to release across plenty of platforms, ranging from current-gen PS4 & Xbox One, to the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series.