Save 75% on Borderlands on Steam

Steam's Holiday deals just keep getting better.  After reporting that Skyrim is 33% off on Steam, we have now discovered that popular first person shooter Borderlands is 75% off!  For the next 24 hours you can save 75% on Borderlands and all of the related DLC.

With Borderlands 2 already in production, this is the perfect opportunity to begin your journey and explore the marvelous planet of Pandora. 

Steam has several offers for this Borderlands promotion.  For the single game, it is only $4.99. 

Of course, Borderlands is known for its fun drop-in/out multiplayer.  So if you prefer to play with friends you can get the Borderlands Four Pack.  This deal is for 4 copies of Borderlands – allowing you to send your extra copies to friends so that you may experience Pandora together.

Since the release there has also been several DLC expansions for the game.  You can get these too for 75% off.  For $7.49 you can buy the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition which includes the game plus all 4 DLC.

And once again, to enjoy the full multiplayer experience you can purchase the Borderlands Game of the Year Four Pack.  As expected this includes four seperate copies of the game plus the DLC.  This deal only costs $22.48.

You can find all of the Borderlands Steam sales here.  Remember, this sale is only valid for the next 24 hours.