Satirical video for Amazon’s yesterday shipping

Do you ever get that feeling like you are stuck in a Spaceballs bit?  “When will then be now?  Soon.”  I feel confused, vulnerable, and frightened.  Rumors have been going around about Amazon trying to adapt some sort of mystical same day delivery.  That… would be incredibly (and probably REALLY expensive).  If THAT wasn’t mind blowing enough – can you even imagine yesterday shipping?

Regardless of your answer, it is impossible.  But what if it wasn’t?  In this video Ben Stadler and The Bilderbergers created, Amazon’s yesterday shipping is very real.  Did I mention Archer’s animation director put the whole thing together?  It’s all fun, dandy, and convenient until you add in time paradoxes, alternate realties, and butterfly effects.  My mind can only take so much.

Check out the video and then give some love to the YouTube page.  I need to put some Band-Aids on my brain.  Did I already post this video yesterday?              

[YouTube via Gizmodo]

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