Sammy Releases New Trailer for Iron Phoenix

Studios today released a new video trailer from its upcoming Xbox Live enabled
16-player fighting game, "Iron Phoenix." 


The video highlights the
game’s raw intensity and depth with a look at the variety of battle-ready
environments, multiplayer fighting action and abundance of thrilling moves and
combos in the game.  Weapons in “Iron Phoenix” determine the moves and attacks
at a character’s disposal, and the video showcases the unique arsenal and
wire-fu style martial arts that make up the title’s action-packed game play.
 The video also provides a glimpse of key game play features such as special
moves, range attacks, use of relics and chi, and the ability to use opponents as


Sammy Studios has also
released a Live-enabled playable demo of "Iron Phoenix" in the
Official Xbox Magazine
February Game
Disc, currently available on newsstands.  Players can join sessions of up to 16
players over Xbox Live, with access to a selection of game modes, weapons and
massive environments that make up the unique experience that is multiplayer
melee combat.


“Iron Phoenix” is slated for
release on the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft® in March 22, 2005, and is
rated T for Teen by the ESRB.


To download the new trailer


About “Iron


Introducing a new genre in
online multiplayer gaming with a 16-player weapons-based fighting system, “Iron
Phoenix” delivers a groundbreaking gameplay experience on Xbox Live.  The game
follows a group of warriors through ancient China as they fight to acquire the
weaponry of the “Iron Phoenix,” a devastating arsenal forged from the core of a
heavenly meteor.  Imbued with mysterious destructive powers that serve as a
constant reminder of their divine origin, countless warlords and mercenaries
have waged vicious conflicts to wield the limitless power of these weapons. Now
a final group of warriors has assembled to stake their claim to the powerful
weapons of the "Iron Phoenix."  Combining team-oriented strategy with
weapons-based melee combat, players can engage each other with a variety of
close-up and ranged attacks, agile wire-fu maneuvers, and devastating
team-chained combos.  Enabling players to join clans and organize their own
tournaments, "Iron Phoenix" also takes full advantage of the Xbox Live 3.0
feature set to deliver an unprecedented online experience.