SaintXi Announces Release Date for Light of Altair

April 28, 2009

Announces Release Date for Light of Altair

SaintXi is proud to announce the
release date for Light of Altair, a new sci-fi colony building game. Developed
for PC, Light of Altair will be available worldwide through leading digital
distribution channels from 4th June 2009.

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Light of Altair is a colonization
game set in our own solar system and beyond. You must set up a strong economy to
survive in the hostile void of space as you compete with other factions, the
deadly environment and internal conflicts of interest. But most of all it is a
strongly story driven game that will pull people in to this vision of the

Powered by a custom made DirectX 3D
engine Light of Altair has a unique feel: from the procedurally rendered craters
on the moons to the flared rocket trails there is a lot to enjoy while you are
puzzling through the missions, zooming from galaxies all the way down to
individual moons and asteroids covered in their colonies with glass domes, mines
and launch pads.