Saints Row: The Third ‘Special Operations’ DLC available today

Saints Row: The Third has added some new vehicles in today's DLC release. The Special Operations Pack includes three fully equipped military vehicles offering players some heavy hitting, yet stylish vehicles to cruise around the streets of Steelport.

Available in Third Street Saints purple, each vehicle offers a full arsenal of badass weaponry.  The three vehicles include:

  • Saints VTOL – a flying vehicle capable of jet and hover modes making airborne attacks "easy and stylish".
  • Saints N-Forcer – an armored truck with the armor of a tank, but the maneuverability of a tank.
  • Saints Crusader – an even heavier armored tank that will crush all that lie in its way.

For only $1.99, or 160 MS Points, you can unleash chaos and destruction in Steelport, showing your opponents who's boss.

The Special Operations Pack is available on Xbox LIVE, PSN, Steam, and OnLIve beginning today, April 10th (or the 11th for certain platforms/regions).

Meanwhile, the Nyte Blayde DLC Pack (from the Season Pass), is also available today and will be on sale for $2.99 or 240 MS Points.