Saints Row series shipped 11 million units worldwide

What was widely considered a Grand Theft Auto clone by the masses upon its debut has quickly become one of THQ's most popular franchises. In a recent financial report, the publisher revealed that Saints Row had shipped a total of 11 million units around the entire globe. Not too shabby for a "Grand Theft Auto clone", right?

As for Saints Row: The Third, well, that amazing comically offbeat entry in the franchise hit 4.25 million in units shipped worldwide. Makes sense, considering how hilarious and awesome that game is. Additionally, THQ reports that The Third managed to generate "the highest digital revenue of any console title in the company’s history." Considering all of the DLC that was released post launch, that also makes complete sense.

With Saints Row: The Third – Enter the Dominatrix scheduled to launch as standalone DLC this September, you have to believe the series will continue to rake in some coins for THQ. If the company wasn't struggling financially, I'd say it should celebrate by hanging a giant golden Pentrator somewhere in its main office.


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