Sackboy’s Spider-Man Costume Makes its Debut

Marvel today unveiled the Spider-Man costume for LittleBigPlanet. It looks kind of like a chibi Spidey or a Might Muggs character, but with more Sackboy. It makes us want to rock around a bit…like a bobblehead.

This is part of the Marvel Costume Pack 2 for LBP which will be available on the next PSN Store update on July 20 (One week from today). For those wondering, these costumes will be compatible with LBP2 as well, which makes the purchase a bit more enticing for Marvel and LittleBigPlanet fans.

This Spidey costume takes us back to long before most of us were born with the inclusion of the little armpit webs. It’s a design choice, not a sign of bad hygiene.

Check back with GameZone tomorrow for the next reveal/details to come about the Marvel Costume Pack.

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