Runes of Magic Continues Expansion with New Territory ‘Aotulia Volcano’

September 18, 2009

Runes of Magic Continues
Expansion with New Territory ‘Aotulia Volcano’

It’s Getting Hot in Taborea

Things are heating up in Taborea –
the ‘Aotulia Volcano’ is about to erupt. The new territory in Runes of Magic has
been where the malevolent Naga people have been exiled for centuries. The next
content update will open the gates to this new region, which is characterized by
boiling lava flows.

The ‘Aotulia Volcano’ is where the
snake-like beings were banished following their defeat in the Great War against
the alliance of the Elves and humans. Separated from the rest of Taborea by a
magical wall, they’ve been waiting for years for the opportunity to escape.
After the barrier fell, the Naga conquered north-western Taborea. Now
adventurers will finally have the opportunity to advance into the heart of the
Naga invasion.

Here, under the ashen skies, is
where heroes can take their final steps on the way to the level 55 cap, once
they have left the ‘Savage Lands’ behind them. Numerous quests will unravel the
history of the desolate zone around the volcano. A gigantic city at the foot of
the volcano and new dungeons wait to be explored as players embark on
challenging adventures.

The new territory of the
‘Aotulia Volcano’ will be open to all players at the end of September. To give
you a glimpse of this new hot zone, there is a new in-game video available at: