Rune Factory 4 is a possibility for North America

Xseed Games may bring Rune Factory 4 to North America.

One fan on the publisher's Facebook page asked, "Rune Factory 4. Possibility you guys might bring it over? Or should I annoy Natsume?"

The company responded, "Hmmm, we've had an itch to work on another Rune Factory game since we loved Frontier so much, so let's see if we can't grab a back scratcher somehow …"

Xseed is referring to Rune Factory: Frontier for Wii, which it and Marvelous Entertainment released in North America in 2009.

It's not confirmation, but the answer does suggest that Rune Factory 4 could make its way to the U.S. Fans on publisher Natsume's forums are also requesting a localization of the game, which is already out in Japan.

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