Run, hide and survive in Alien: Isolation’s E3 2014 trailer

I think enough time has passed to get the terrible taste of Aliens: Colonial Marines out of our system, and perhaps be a little more optimistic for Alien: Isolation.

Opting for a much more intimate, one-on-one experience with the Xenomorph, players will be tasked to run, hide and attempt to survive, as the alien tries to hunt them down.

I'm getting strong Amnesia vibes from this, which is awesome because that game nailed what it means to be a survival horror game in this day and age. Sure it's a few years old by now, but I still regard that game to be one of the scariest games I remember playing.

Alien: Isolation will also have a presence at E3 2014, with 20 minute presentations to attendees, which means we should be having some impressions on the title soon.

The game will be out on October 7th, and will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, as well as last gen systems, Xbox 360 and PS3.