Rumors for Next Xbox Project

The Zod Engine is a MMORTS / RTS style game. In the game you command an army of robots and vehicles to take over neighboring territories in the ultimate goal of destroying all of your enemies. Unlike traditional RTS (Real Time Strategy) games the Zod Engine does not create units from collected resources but instead construction is constant from preset factories scattered throughout the level.

The host of the podcast Windows Weekly, Paul Thurrott, spoke of rumors his sources leaked to him.  These rumors focus around a new Xbox project.  Thurrott is a long time blogger and reporter on Microsoft topics.  While his rumormongering has not always been accurate, he has connections to knowledgeable folk in the inside of Microsoft.

  • The current codename for the next Xbox is “Project Ten”
  • It will be coming in time for next year’s holiday season
  • The UI will be heavily based around Microsoft’s “Metro” style of user interface (the current interface for Windows Phone 7, and the style both the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 are moving to)
  • The console’s OS will have Microsoft’s Silverlight technology deeply embedded in it (potentially for uses such as media functionality)
  • The console will extensively integrate with Windows 8 and Windows Phone for better cross-platform functionality

Source: Twit and Egmnow