Rumor: Kinect Bundle Price Drop Imminent

Microsoft will be releasing a 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle at reduced price in the near future, reports Gematsu. According to the article, Target’s website temporarily featured an ad for the 250GB model of the Xbox 360, complete with the Kinect peripheral and a copy of Kinect Adventures. Could this be enough to entice even more gamers to pick up Microsoft’s motion gaming device?

The aforementioned bundle will be priced at $299.99, which is a pretty good deal considering the content. Actually, just considering the Xbox 360 and Kinect. No one cares about Kinect Adventures.

According to Gematsu, Target reverted the ad back to its original $399.99 price point, possibly because they goofed and accidentally let news of the new price slip before Microsoft wanted it to. In any case, this looks like a sweet bundle at $299.99, and if Microsoft really does make it official, you can bet more gamers will be interested in picking up both a new Xbox 360 and Kinect peripheral. This may be enough for me to finally buy Microsoft’s current home console.

If this price drop is indeed imminent, you can expect Microsoft to announce it soon. Expect the reveal at or before E3. Looks like it’s time for me to save up for a new system. Um … make that two new systems.