Rumor: Xbox One will be manufactured in Brazil

According to the Brazilian news site UOL, the Xbox One will be following in the steps of the Xbox 360 and be manufactured in Manuas, Brazil. If this proves to be true this will greatly reduce the price of the Xbox One in Brasil and it will win the hearts of thousands of Brazilian gamers.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of attention directed towards the prices of next-gen consoles in Brazil. The PS4 is sporting a $3,999.00 BRL ($1,800 USD) price tag and the Xbox One is officially sitting at $2,199.00 BRL ($1,005 USD); most of the cost is due to import taxes. If the Xbox One is manufactured in Brazil all of the taxes will be circumnavigated and should bring the price of the Xbox One down closer to the $499.99 USD price.

I say ‘should’ because a 4GB Xbox 360 manufactured in Brazil cost $899.00 BRL ($411.15 USD) which is much closer the actual console’s pricing.

For the sake of gamers in Brazil, I hope this rumor fleshes out to be true.

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