Rumor: Xbox One to bundle free ‘major third-party title’

Rumor has it that each new Xbox One sold in Europe will include a free "major third-party title" bundled with the system. The deal is allegedly only for Europe at this point, but there's possibility that the title, said to be valued at £40 or higher, could also be included in Xbox One's sold in the U.S.

The goal, according to the source "with knowledge of the deal," is an attempt by Microsoft to add value to its system without having to lower its £429 ($499) release day price. With Microsoft having already backtracked on many of its unfavorable policies, the main focal point is on the system's price. Comparatively, the PS4 is being sold for £349 ($399). The difference in price is believed to be due to the Kinect which is also included with every Xbox One. Sony opted to sell the PS Eye, the Kinect "equivalent" for PlayStation, separately.

To further justify the Xbox One's more expensive price, Microsoft recently added the Chat Headset to each console, but apparently that wasn't enough. With every PS4 getting a free, somewhat watered-down version of Driveclub, Microsoft is looking to up the offering.

We don't know what the game will be, but it's believed, according to the source, to be the "unique Xbox One exclusive" deal that Microsoft's Phil Spencer said was being saved as a Gamescom announcement. The game is also rumored to be a "major" Christmas release.

What do you think it could be?