Rumor: Wii U manufacturing costs $180

Here in sunny California the weather is warm with a cool breeze at the moment. You know what I personally relate that type of weather with? Juicy console gossip. So here we go!

According to a source close to Forget the Box, costs have surfaced regarding the Wii U's hardware, controller, and retail price. Manufacturing costs for the console and controller are estimated to be around $180. This includes the controller–which, including materials such as the camera and touchscreen, is said to cost the Big N no more than 50 clams to make–as well any materials for the Wii U itself.

According to this mysterious silhouette of a source, the Wii U controller's camera is running Nintendo $6, and its quality is slightly better than the 3DS and DSi's cameras. Additionally, the tablet's touchscreen supposedly has a $14 cost.

Last but certainly not least, we've got a retail price for the Wii U. And by "retail price", I mean "a number that this shadowy source just gave out at will." And the (rumored) price for the Wii U will be … $300.

Like we've all said about a million times already, we'll have to wait and see what Nintendo says regarding the Wii U's price tag, hopefully come E3.

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