Rumor: Ubisoft Teases Something Far Cry Related, But… It’s Far Cry 3?

"An island we never really left."

Yesterday, Ubisoft posted something very interesting on their Facebook page. It was a picture of Rook Island from Far Cry 3. for those paying attention, the last game we got from them was Far Cry 4 in a completely different place.

Rumor: Ubisoft Teases Something Far Cry Related, But... It's Far Cry 3?

So what is it we're looking at? Besides Rook Island, of course. Why is Ubisoft bringing up an old game that they assumedly moved on from? Are we getting a Far Cry 3 remaster? Or maybe we're visiting the island again for a different adventure. Will we see Vaas again?

We don't know for sure. All that is certain is that Vaas Montengro is a very popular video game villain, and it wouldn't be entirely surprising to maybe hear from him again.

Far Cry 3 was originally released back in 2012. It received overwhelming praise, so a remaster would not be entirely surprising, though secretly we're hoping for something new involving the old island and enemy.