Rumor: Ubisoft planning Rayman Origins 2?

Though it got off to a rocky start in terms of sales, Rayman Origins ultimately managed to turn a profit for Ubisoft. That's because, whether you were playing the game on consoles, the PlayStation Vita, or PC, you were getting a solid, rewarding, and enjoyable 2D platforming experience.

After the success of Rayman Origins, as well as the accomplishments and hardships the game had, it should be obvious that Ubisoft was taking notes in case it planned to launch a follow-up. And if a marketing survey from Arkenford is any indication, it's very likely that we'll see Rayman Origins 2 sooner than we thought.

According to an anonymous source close to Kotaku, a number of images were leaked from the survey in question. These images feature a similar art style to Rayman Origins, but the level design appears to me more traditional platforming fare. That said, it's still pretty fantastical, and one image even teases "castles, vampires, Ghosts, Greek Gods, or dragons." According to that same screen, Rayman Origins 2 will also feature drop-in/drop-out co-op for up to four players.

Though Ubisoft works with Arkenford on a regular basis, it should be noted that marketing surveys don't always lead up to a certain product being released. Also, we can't always trust anonymous sources because, well, they may very well be messing with all of us. That said, Rayman Origins 2 (or something to that effect) will probably happen somewhere down the road.


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