Rumor: This is what PS4 games are going to look like

According to PSM3 and Xbox World, we may have just gotten our first glimpse at what the next generation of consoles will be able to do graphically. Two images popped up in the magazines, and apparently, those are the types of graphics we can expect come the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

To further hype up the news, PSM3 boasts that the graphics seen in the images are running off of supposed PlayStation 4 tech. Because, ya know, this wouldn't be a rumor without some incredible hype-inducing statement like that.

Visually, the images are pretty darn impressive. One of them (pictured above) shows a lovely jungle area with pretty lighting and, well, a lot of green stuff. The other (pictured below) is a picture of a ladybug. Both images are certainly nice to look at, and because they're not exaggerated in their detail and style, they're kind of easy to believe as indicators of the future of gaming.

Still, we all know what to do with rumors, right? That's correct, everyone! Don't take them to be 100 percent true! Great job, folks! All this jungle crap has put me in the mood to play a Turok game. But … the old school Turok games. Not the last game. Because eww.