Rumor: The NX may end up being cheaper than you might expect

A lot of that has to do with the hardware it seems

A lot has been made about the NX despite the fact that it still hasn't officially been revealed. Many gamers are (rightfully) skeptical about the NX's chances, unless of course, you are one of Nintendo's many loyal defenders. But it still doesn't change the fact that until the company actually reveals the supposed console/portable hybrid, anything, and everything that is talked about can be categorized under "hearsay."

That said, here's another little piece of hearsay for you to chew on.

After Eurogamer's reports surfaced this week, many other outlets and fans have been talking about the system's potential points. One of the biggest among them that many want to figure out: what exactly is this thing going to cost?

MCVUK ran a pros and cons editorial on the NX based on what (we think) is known and made a couple of interesting, albeit educated guesses. Here's what they said about price:

"Early online speculation about pricing for the NX expects it to be cheaper than current consoles, but from what we’ve heard it’s going to be cheaper than even the vast majority expect. This is a machine that is targeting the mass market, and Nintendo certainly plans for it to have a mass market price. Price is one Wii U mistake Nintendo is determined not to repeat. This could be NX's single biggest win."

This is particularly interesting because it's being rumored that the NX isn't projected to have as much power as the PS4 or Xbox One, probably even less so once the Scorpio and Neo hit the market, therefore Nintendo is (once again) going to need to carve out its own little niche. Which, to be fair is likely what they were planning on doing in the first place. 

With lesser power, and given the Wii U's price hurdle at launch, it would stand to reason that the NX would have to be cheaper than other major offerings to make itself more attractive to a larger number of people. Also, it's aim of having high-quality gaming on the go, coupled with the fact that the console will be using the Tegra 1 chip, means that Nintendo will have to compete with similar offerings, say something like the Nvidia Shield (which also uses the Tegra 1). For comparison's sake, the Nvidia Shield's price point is $199.99. There's nothing here to suggest that $199.99 will be the NX's price point, but it's a pretty reasonable comparison at least for now.

All will likely be revealed soon as the NX is set to show itself to the world sometime in September before a release in March 2017.

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