Rumor: That “leaked” game in Watch Dogs 2 is real, but it has run into some development issues

Uh oh...

Watch Dogs 2 came out today and yesterday, we reported that Ubisoft teased/"leaked" their next game via an easter egg in the action-packed hacking game. We originally thought it was a Beyond Good and Evil 2 teaser due to the fact the trailer featured music similar to a Beyond Good and Evil 2 teaser from 8 years ago. Turns out it's something entirely different and it could be in trouble.

Kotaku reached out to some of their sources at Ubisoft and got the scoop on what the game is. The game is titled "Pioneer" and appears to be some sort of new IP and it was supposed to be revealed in 2017. That may not happen anymore because the game has run into some development hurdles.

“The project was supposed to be announced next year,” said one source, adding that Ubisoft had replaced many of the leads on Pioneer within the past few months. “That won’t happen now and Pioneer is now being ‘retooled.’”

Another source revealed that the game was in a good state when they added it into Watch Dogs 2 and they didn't predict that it would come across any significant issues when Watch Dogs released.

“When they decided to make the easter egg in Watch Dogs 2 they didn’t know it was going to be like this so it’s a bit awkward,” said a second source.

Maybe it wasn't the greatest idea to show this game, but maybe it'll end up being ok! We'll keep you all updated as we get more information on Pioneer.