Rumor: Rockstar’s new game to be revealed at PlayStation Meeting in September

Only time will tell.

Rockstar's no stranger to rumors. There's been more than a handful of Red Dead 3 rumors circulating this year and some information about the long dead PlayStation exclusive, Agent, appeared at the end of 2015 but Rockstar has yet to reveal anything substantial about whatever it is they are working on. However, we may not have to wait much longer to get more details about their new project.

According to a rumor from Tidux (a somewhat reliable source), Rockstar will be appearing at Sony's PlayStation Meeting on September 7th in New York. The industry insider didn't give many other details other than a couple emojis to tease the major developer coming to the already incredibly mysterious event but it does add up in some ways.

Firstly, Rockstar was heavily rumored to appear at Sony's E3 conference and supposedly they were scheduled to reveal Red Dead 3 with a big trailer at the very end of Sony's conference. Inside sources said the trailer was pulled off the schedule at the very last second due to the tragedy that happened in Orlando right before E3. The trailer depicted a parlor being shot up by cowboys which Sony deemed too similar to the events that happened in Orlando. Sony has denied that any of this was ever planned but the conference did have a very out of place and abrupt ending. For those that don't remember, Sony showed a demo for a game called Days Gone which had been revealed earlier on in the show. It felt very out of place as Sony had a steady pace of trucking through the conference with one new announcement after another and then circled back to a game they had already shown earlier. The demo was also uploaded to YouTube directly after the trailer was shown earlier in the show, signaling that it may have been scheduled to be played directly before or after the trailer was shown.

Secondly, Rockstar and Sony have a very tight relationship. As previously mentioned, Sony had a deal with Rockstar in which they would provide them an exclusive title but the plans for that game seem to have fallen through. Sony also had Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas exclusively on PlayStation 2 for many months before it came to Xbox and PC. Rockstar also provided two Grand Theft Auto spin-off's on PS2 and PSP that have yet to appear on any other consoles. At E3 2014, Sony also revealed that Grand Theft Auto V was coming to next-gen consoles and PC later that year. The two companies have had countless partnerships and their healthy relationship may provide further credibility to this rumor.

There have also been many rumors that Rockstar still owes Sony an exclusive game after plans for Agent ultimately crumbled.

The last thing to note is that Rockstar has many studios across the globe but they are centered in The Big Apple, the place Sony will be holding their event. Obviously it seems we may be grasping at straws and you should take all of this with a grain of salt but it's important to take in all the facts into account.

Sony is set to reveal the PlayStation Neo at the press conference so it's likely that they'll want to show off a powerful game to showcase how the console preforms. Rockstar has some of the best tech in the industry and their games are always on a massive scale so it would come as no surprise if Sony picked Rockstar to show off their new title.

We will keep you updated if the story develops. You can come back to GameZone on September 7th to see all our coverage from the PlayStation Meeting.