Rumor: Next Overwatch Hero, Psyren, allegedly leaked

A lot of detail and information for a character rumored for December

Doomfist hasn't even been released for a full 24 hours, but that hasn't stopped the Overwatch fan base from craving information on what's next. While there have been rumors of two other characters joining the game, namely Bria and Ivon, according to a new in-depth leak, those are not going to happen.

An interesting and alleged leak has popped up on Imgur and if this leak is actually false then it's a highly detailed and well thought out leak. Posted by an avatar named Blackwatchfiles, we get a full look, albeit via concept art, of Psyren, a character that looks like a cross between Symmetra and Sombra. She's apparently a former member of Blackwatch, under the tutelage of its former boss, Gabriel Reyes aka Reaper.

Psyren is a supposedly a defensive-based character with a dash of tanking thrown in for good measure. She has a retractable sword that she can throw out and pierce multiple enemies, though it doesn't seem to pull them in, like Roadhog's hook, however it does reach about the same distance, 20 meters.

The leaker of these images and text is supposedly a dev within Blizzard, but again, this could all be some elaborate con job. Blackwatchfiles says (in the pages of the leak) that by now, we the community should have figured out that Bria and Ivon are not characters that are real, but that Hammond, Athena, and Liao are, but will only be brought into the story as "non-playable" characters or NPCs.

There's a lot of back story on Psyren and details on her attacks, down to the point numbers, attack time and specials. Again, very in-depth. The leaker claims that Blizzard is slowing down their character releases, which is why he's throwing fans a bone. He does say that we should expect some type of masquerade costumes from the comics to be skins for the Halloween event and that we should see Psyren tested in November with a release one to two weeks before the December holiday event.

Below is the link and I've included the leaked images here, in case the post is removed. What are your thoughts, does this reek of foul play or does this sound legit?