Rumor: Next-Gen Xbox Game In Development from Crytek

It looks like game development for the next-gen Xbox are already in development, despite an official release date or even announcement for a next-gen console.  Although the game which leaks possible development of a new console has already been announced, this new discovery could mean it's now being developed for a next-gen console, rather the Xbox 360.

A former Crytek employee has posted on her LinkedIn profile her past work on a game called RYSE, which she has listed as X-Box Next Gen.  RYSE is a AAA IP from Crytek that was originally teased as a Kinect-specific title at the 2011 E3 Microsoft press conference.  It is the title for a game originally teased at the 2010 E3 with the name, Codename: Kingdom.  This year, Microsoft announced it as a first-person combat game for the Kinect.  They didn't, however, mention what generation of Xbox console it will be on.

Judging from her profile, and the lack of any detailed information recently about the game, it looks like RYSE was pushed back for the release of a new next-gen console – maybe one that can better utilize the Kinect functionality.

Her profile uses the same description that was teased back then: "An epic first-person melee experience in the Roman Empire".

The former employee describers her work on the title as:

  • Designed, created, implemented and scripted numerous game levels using all facets of Sandbox Editor and CryEngine.
  • Lead and mentored Jr. Level Designers and Level Designers as well as collaborated with colleagues across multiple disciplines to ensure winning efforts.
  • Championed original Game Design for Tablet title exclusive to Crytek and expanding the franchise to include new genre of video game.

She held this position from January 2011 to July 2011, which means the game is still in development, or possibly near completion.  She now works as a Level Designer for Ubisoft, but does not list what she is working on.

Check out her official LinkedIn profile here.

The Xbox Kinect has made tremendous progress since its release last year.  Just recently Microsoft rolled out the newest Dashboard Update which integrates the Kinect functionality, along with other neat features.  Now, with Microsoft reportedly requiring Xbox developers to include Kinect functionality in their designs, it is more than apparent the Kinect is the future for Microsoft and their next-gen consoles.

If that is the case, then I wouldn't be surprised to see RYSE as a potential launch title for the new Xbox console, whenever that may be.  And if this posting is legit, it may be sooner than we all think.

A new next-gen Xbox was rumored to be announced at CES 2012 in January.