Rumor: More sources point towards Nintendo NX using cartridges instead of disc

When will Nintendo tell us?!

Last year Nintendo filed a patent for a disk-less stationary console and it looks like it could actually be a thing. According to the patent filed in February 2015, the console will have a controller with a display screen (similar to the Wii U's gamepad), as well as Speed Control Processing. Also included in the patent was an example of the system that did not show an optical disk drive.

Macronix, the company supplying Nintendo with ROM chips for 3DS games, has inadvertently suggested that the NX will be sold without an optical drive. In addition to that, the tech company is looking to mae new chips that bring the memory limit from 8GB to 32GB.

Japanese financial analysis site Money-Link (via WCCF, translated by Screen Critics) has revealed that Macronix is preparing for sales to be up, thank to Nintendo.

"Wu Miin, chairman of Macronix, stated that “the worst situation has passed”. He expects that the company can potentially get rid of loss in the third quarter as the orders of an important customer, Nintendo, will have critical impact. The company targets a profit-loss balance annually.

In the past, Macronix sales performance usually peaked at third quarter, while declined at the fourth quarter. However, Wu Miin pointed out that because Nintendo has announced that the new platform will be launched in March next year, orders should be placed in advance. Therefore, the operating revenue of Macronix in the fourth quarter may be as good as the third quarter."

With Macronix depending on the NX's launch to up their sales, it appears as though their console might make use of their memory chips. While the chips may not be for the NX's main sorage, it could still play a vital role – especially if Nintendo was planning for games to cross the divide between 3DS and NX.