Rumor: Microsoft planning to reveal Xbox 720 in April

We may not have to wait until E3 for our first look at Microsoft's next Xbox. According to a "growing number of developers and other industry professionals," Microsoft has plans to reveal the next-generation Xbox at a private event in April — similar to what Sony did this week with the PlayStation 4.

According to CVG, some of the sources were even Sony employees who told the website that the PS4 showcase in New York had "at first caught Microsoft off-guard."

"We definitely ruffled some feathers," the unnamed source said.

Microsoft's Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) had an interesting take on the PlayStation event and criticized the company for not actually revealing the PlayStation 4 system. It'll be interesting to see what route Microsoft plans to take with its own Xbox 720 reveal. Microsoft is expected to release its next Xbox console around the same time as the PlayStation 4, which has been announced for a Holiday 2013 launch