Rumor: Marvel V Capcom 4 to be revealed at PlayStation Experience 2016

There's some truth to this...

Rumor: Marvel V Capcom 4 to be revealed at PlayStation Experience 2016

Yesterday, a rumor sparked online stating that a fourth Marvel vs. Capcom 4 is in the works and an official is reveal is imminent. We were initially hesitant to report on this rumor as it came from someone saying they just happened to hear about this probably super secret project from someone close to Capcom. Many people scoffed at the idea as there wasn't much proof but in the last 24 hours, there has been a lot more evidence that supports this rumor.

Many prominent figures in the fighting game community have come out of the woodwork to either straight up confirm or allude to the fact they this rumor is very much true. We here at GameZone reached out privately to some sources and were given similar treatment, just a bunch of cryptic, vague responses. Take that for what you will. So, let's break down everything we have right now.

The evidence.

Some random images popped up online last night showing a logo and what appear to be shots from a trailer, while we can't confirm the validity of these, they do look pretty real. If they are fake, it was a very fast turnaround and someone must've spent their entire day working on these elaborate fakes. You can view  the supposed logo of the game at the top of the article and the other image below.

Rumor: Marvel V Capcom 4 to be revealed at PlayStation Experience 2016

A variety of users on NeoGAF have also backed up these claims, and if you know anything about NeoGAF, you'll know this many people wouldn't support a rumor without some solid evidence. The moderators on NeoGAF are incredibly strict (for good reason) and will ban you if you can't back up big claims like this. You can go here to see the thread that spawned this rumor mill.

Rumor: Marvel vs. Capcom 4  to be revealed at PlayStation Experience

Finally, we have a number of tweets from people in the fighting game community who are pretty reliable sources when it comes to stuff like this. One of the tweets comes from Lupinko, one of the people who leaked/teased a number of things for Marvel v Capcom 3. You can view some of their tweets below.

The contradictions.

While there is a lot of awesome evidence here, there is some stuff that goes against it. For one, Capcom just released Street Fighter V earlier this year and they have plans to support it until at least 2020. It would be strange to release a competitor to your own game especially right after release.

Some Capcom employees have also recently denied the superhero/Capcom cross-over exists at all. Of course, they wouldn't acknowledge the existence of the game prior to the official reveal, but it's still something to take into account.

While we have no way of telling if it's real right now, we should know next weekend at PlayStation Experience 2016. Some reports also claim that the reveal will happen at Capcom Cup, rather than the PlayStation Experience press conference, which is scheduled to be held the same weekend as PSX.

We will update this article if the story develops.