Rumor: Grand Theft Auto series could have gone to Tokyo; GTA 6 under development

So many 'sources' revealing things these days.

A mysterious source from Rockstar, much like the source that hinted at Red Dead Redemption coming to E3, has new information to share about Grand Theft Auto's supposed past and future. According to a report from TechRadar, someone close to Rockstar has revealed that Rockstar once thought about taking GTA to Tokyo and that GTA 6 is already under development.

The source stated that around the time of GTA 3 and Vice City, Rockstar had been "serious" about the idea of making a Tokyo version of the hit franchise. Their idea didn't see the light of day because the "road system was seen to be problematic and became one reason the idea was canned."

Another reason Rockstar dropped the idea was apparently because moving the game from the United States would remove a number of "series staples" from the game, like certain brands of cars.

In addition to all of this information on where GTA could have gone the source claimed that the groundwork for GTA 6 was currently being laid, although the location had yet to be decided. 

While it's not unlikely that work on GTA 6 has begun, don't expect to see the game any time soon. In the past, Rockstar's parent company has revealed that they were careful not to release too many GTA games in short span of time as it would "degrade" the series.