Rumor: Future GTA 5 DLC could add jet packs

Grand Theft Auto 5 could be getting jet packs, if a string of does allegedly discovered in the game's files are any indication. Over at Se7evSins, user Chr0m3 x MoDz discovered the files, which he explains were added in the recent 1.12 update.

The evidence comes in the form of various lines of code that mention "jet pack." He later posted a video to YouTube consisting of screenshots highlighting the jet pack code.

Though Rockstar has made no mention of jet packs coming to GTA 5, it's speculated that this could be the answer to the Mystery of Mt. Chilia. It's believed that solving the mystery, using the various symbols and pictures of UFOs on the map could lead to the jet pack reward. Earlier this month, Rockstar revealed its spring plans for Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online, none of which even mentioned jet packs. So if these lines of code do prove true, it'll likely come as a surprise announcement.